Effective Roll Up Display Signs for your Brand Promotion

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  • Posted April 11, 2024
Effective Roll Up Display Signs for your Brand Promotion

The display signs are an important tool for brand promotion and advertising in different settings like exhibitions, trade shows, in-store displays and presentations. They are beneficial for their simplicity, portability and capability to make a visual impact. However, to get the most out of these display signs, effective design is the key. Designing signs is just like doing a poster design. It needs exhaustive thought and should meet other marketing parameters. Always eye-catching on brand -close to the front and from afar. These are usually available in a selection of widths and heights.

A roller banner is normally long and thin in characteristic. The standard design layout borrows itself to our design in thirds rule: Content; core message; contact details. With these rules in mind, we have come up for you with some top tips for designing Roll Up Display Signs. These signs stand out and communicate your message effectively. Infact, these can be easily differentiated from your competitors. 

Top Tips for Designing a Display Sign 

A display sign is an effective and popular way to display your brand and capture attention at various events and promotional activities. When it comes to display sign print options, here are top tips you can consider for designing a display sign that can greatly impact the entire durability and quality of your roll up signs. 

  • Make it simple and use high image quality 

A scattered display sign is a distracting sign. Stick to one idea or main message. The design should be focussed and clear, making it viewers like you to understand your message at an instance.  On the other hand, images can break or make your display sign. Always use high-quality resolution images that are shot professionally. Pixelated or blurry images can make your brand look unprofessional.

  • Constant Branding and Strategic Placement of Core Information

Your display sign should align with the identity of your brand. You can use the colour scheme of your brand and logo continuously. This assists in strengthening brand recognition. Position the most essential information at an eye-catching level. The top third of the display design is the most visible part, so ensure that your key messages are placed there.

  • Readable, Clear text and Proof-read

Your display design text should be simple to and read from a distance. You can use bold fonts for large headings and make sure there is a fair contrast between the background and the text. You can find great fonts for your designs at places such as fontsquirrel, dafont and google fonts. On the other side, when you do proof-reading for your text nothing compromises professionalism like typos. 

  • Productive call-to-action and choose the settings

Your roll-up signs should have a compelling and clear call to action. Whether you are calling a phone number, visiting a website, or a booth, make sure to have an actionable and noticeable call to action. Also, you need to think carefully where your roll-up design will be displayed. Your design may differ based on whether it’s being used outdoors, indoors,in a dim or a well-lit area.

Always position your logo at the top of your design generates immediate brand recognition and should be tied nicely to your other marketing collateral. Keep your logo placement in a way that it should pop at the top of your eyes. Keep it visible from a distance. Therefore, Roll Up Display Signs are an effective method of enhancing your brand promotion, advertising it clearly and making it remembrance for all. These signs are an ideal way to deal with your customers.

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